Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Weirdo Wednesdays

I'm gonna do a couple weekly installments. First one you see is weirdo wednesdays. This is where I post some shit that's mad foreign to most people. You may like it, you may hate it, but I hope you become informed on or eager to research something you've never seen.

So this right here is Trash Talk, a hardcore punk band out of California. Trash Talk was the quickest I ever saw a band become the coolest / trendiest thing in a music scene to have the whole world turn their back on them like 3 months later. It's the equivalent if Skrillex or Wiz Khalifa got mad hate like 2 months after everyone's favorite song was "Cinema" or "Black and Yellow. Dope band though, DIY ethics, good music, they don't give a fuck either.

Either way this is a hardcore punk house show at its finest. My boy Andrew and I put on a couple of these at his house back in high school. A few of them were sick as fuck and a couple were duds, but it was all good fun. The craziness and energy at one of these joints is unmatched by anything. It looks like they're killing eachother, but they are all part of a well knit subculture. People climbing up through the roof structure and jumpin off. One of the craziest things I ever saw at a hardcore show was this dude known as Muslim taking a license plate and smashing it over kids heads who were standing on the edge of the mosh pit. Nuts. Check it out... at least take a peak in to a world of music you've never seen.

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