Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kaskade Christmas Songs

The other day my roommate (who also just started a blog... ) showed me this Kaskade Christmas remix he did of an old Frank Sinatra joint. Pretty awesome...
Frank Sinatra - Mistletoe And Holly - Kaskade Mix by Kaskade

Then today Kaskade came at me with this fire... such a smooth joint. Perfect mix between the traditional Kaskade you know and something you'd hear on the smooth jazz station on Christmas Eve.  He posted saying he made this 6 years ago, which is pretty crazy.  When I hear this I picture Jessica Alba snuggled up next to me by the fireplace (with our "Christopher" and "Jessica" stalkings hanging over) laughing about how much we like hot sauce and Pretty Lights... ehhh I can dream right?
Kaskade - Still Still Still (2010 Re-Master) by Kaskade


Bing Crosby - White Christmas (Kaskade Mix) by Kaskade

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