Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Kaskade Christmas Songs

The other day my roommate (who also just started a blog... ) showed me this Kaskade Christmas remix he did of an old Frank Sinatra joint. Pretty awesome...
Frank Sinatra - Mistletoe And Holly - Kaskade Mix by Kaskade

Then today Kaskade came at me with this fire... such a smooth joint. Perfect mix between the traditional Kaskade you know and something you'd hear on the smooth jazz station on Christmas Eve.  He posted saying he made this 6 years ago, which is pretty crazy.  When I hear this I picture Jessica Alba snuggled up next to me by the fireplace (with our "Christopher" and "Jessica" stalkings hanging over) laughing about how much we like hot sauce and Pretty Lights... ehhh I can dream right?
Kaskade - Still Still Still (2010 Re-Master) by Kaskade


Bing Crosby - White Christmas (Kaskade Mix) by Kaskade

Weirdo Wednesdays

I'm gonna do a couple weekly installments. First one you see is weirdo wednesdays. This is where I post some shit that's mad foreign to most people. You may like it, you may hate it, but I hope you become informed on or eager to research something you've never seen.

So this right here is Trash Talk, a hardcore punk band out of California. Trash Talk was the quickest I ever saw a band become the coolest / trendiest thing in a music scene to have the whole world turn their back on them like 3 months later. It's the equivalent if Skrillex or Wiz Khalifa got mad hate like 2 months after everyone's favorite song was "Cinema" or "Black and Yellow. Dope band though, DIY ethics, good music, they don't give a fuck either.

Either way this is a hardcore punk house show at its finest. My boy Andrew and I put on a couple of these at his house back in high school. A few of them were sick as fuck and a couple were duds, but it was all good fun. The craziness and energy at one of these joints is unmatched by anything. It looks like they're killing eachother, but they are all part of a well knit subculture. People climbing up through the roof structure and jumpin off. One of the craziest things I ever saw at a hardcore show was this dude known as Muslim taking a license plate and smashing it over kids heads who were standing on the edge of the mosh pit. Nuts. Check it out... at least take a peak in to a world of music you've never seen.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Lil Jon

I just realized that lil jon produced all those lil jon and the eastside boyz tracks. "get low" - he made that beat. "shake it like a salt shaker" that was him too. "yeah" by usher, "lets go" by trick daddy, a bunch of other songs.  he was like the kanye for southern rap. couldn't really flow for shit, but he had his own swag that paved the way for waka and gucci and ace hood and probably even jeezy to yell at us about selling coke and shit. a few features here and there make for some classic shit though

Diamonds featuring Bun B & MJG

Grand Finale featuring Bun B, T.I., Nas & Ice Cube

requiem for a dream sample in this soundtrack to a fight at roxy friday night (orlando heads get that one)... mad ill

Zeds Dead - Ruckus The Jam out now on Dim Mak Records (Dubstep, Electro)

One of my favorite weekends ever was the PrettyNectar weekend in Alpharetta, GA. A big part of that weekend was this dubstep duo right here. After getting our faces melted by Pretty Lights and Bassnectar for the first time back to back, we took a raging party bus (bus driver almost didn't drive us cus someone lit up a blunt, he stopped and yelled at us like we were his elementary school morning route) all the way to downtown Atlanta where these guys played at the Loft. It was freezing outside and the line took forever, but it was well worth it because these guys rule. Here's a new song from them out now on Dim Mak Records.

Zeds Dead - Ruckus The Jam by DimMakRecords

Couple other Zeds Dead joints for your ears...

Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa – Smokin’ On f. Juicy J

Brand new funk from Mac & Devin (snoop & wiz if you aren't on your shit) featuring the triple sixin', blue dreamin', leanin' Juicy J... this should be a pretty release. notice wiz with no tats haha

Shotgun Radio - A Bad Place feat. Mimi Page (Minnesota Remix) (Mastered by Bassnectar) (Dubstep)

this song right here

Shotgun Radio - A Bad Place feat. Mimi Page (Minnesota Remix) (Mastered by Bassnectar) by Minnesota

i mean got damn. beautiful synths? check. sexy female vocals? check! bass drop? its not skrillex, but we're cool with that! this shit is the kaskade of dubstep. i've always been a big fan of melodic music, not matter the genre and this is how i wish dubstep would sound every time i step foot in a club. like i could mack to this song right here. its beautiful.. it isnt filthy or hard or any of those other adjectives that describe popular dubstep in the US right now, but fuck it... i didn't wanna go to heaven anyway.

im a little upset i missed this cat last time he was in florida... he skipped orlando and i slept on the idea of driving a couple hours.. my mistake. i feel like he'd have an ill little vibe goin on at one of his gigs. im sure i'll see him soon enough though..

here's a couple more gems this kid produced

People have this one listed as a Sander Van Doorn remix, but i'm pretty sure he just remixed the original XX track... maybe im wrong but either way here's XX Booty
Ellie Goulding - Starry Eyed rmx
Notorious BIG - Juicy rmx

ASAP Rocky

Whats up young world and welcome to the Smoking Coyote blog. Gonna skip any long sorta introduction and just leave you with this... if you have an open mind about music you'll probably dig this blog. I like hip hop, dubstep, house, reggae, and random shit the best so that's whats gonna be poppin off on the reg. you feel me? Probably also gonna post random thoughts and what not about sports, sneakers, streetwear, dope food and whatever else i feel like.

Dedicating this first post to the homie ASAP Rocky cus this latest mixtape he put out is fire. LiveLoveA$AP has the leaned out swag of the best Bun B verses, hunger of kendrick lamar, give-a-fuck-less like Mobb Deep, but still commercial enough that dude can land a spot on the Club Paradise tour with Drizzy. Lyricism reminds me of Wayne back when he wasn't whack too.

Here's the official video for "Peso"

that's one of my favorite joints off the tape... here's THE favorite

BONUS: Yo i chopped and screwed another one of the joints off the album "Leaf" featuring Main Attrakionz (also ill google those guys) and you can download / stream that right here